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Follow your heart
& discover yourself


Are you ready to unfold the map of your personality?

Do you feel lost in the jungle of others' expectations and ideas? Who are you? What do you want from life? Which way do you want to go? 

Awaken the explorer in you and let's explore together what makes you so unique and how you can achieve it. 

Step into the world of self-discovery and learn to confidently show the wonderful person you are to the outside world. Together we will awaken your inner clarity and strength so you can walk your own path full of confidence and passion.


How well do you really know yourself?

Belonging and being popular is wonderful, but sometimes it comes with a very high price: the price of self-denial and, in the worst case, giving up on your dreams. 

At the same time, the most precious thing you own is your uniqueness and your time, and it is one of the greatest sins to leave it unused and to waste it.

Instead of asking yourself how many people like you, ask yourself:
⫸ Do I like myself? Especially when I am alone and no one else is around me. 
⫸ Am I living a life that fulfills my desires and makes me happy?
⫸ Do I use my time for the things I really love or do I give it away to others and things that don't get me anywhere - that maybe even keep me from fulfilling my wishes?

No? Then let's change that. In DiscoverMe I am at your side as a companion on the way back to you and your inner strength.

Are you ready to discover yourself?

Close your eyes for a brief moment and imagine what your life looks like when you fully express your uniqueness to the world.

How you are aware of all your different facets, embrace them, celebrate them, show them like a beautiful painting and use them to your advantage.

How you make decisions consciously and with full conviction, without thinking forever afterwards about whether they were the right ones, because you are secure in yourself and trust yourself and life.

How to turn your back on the "good advice" of others and confidently go your own way, because you know exactly what you want.

How does that feel to you? Great?

Then apply directly via the button and start your journey of self-discovery.

You deserve to live a fulfilled and self-determined life!

Are you ready?


What's included in DiscoverMe

12 weeks of intensive 1:1 coaching via Zoom  

8 x 60-90 minute 1:1 online coaching sessions where we discuss the week's tasks, work on current topics that are particularly present at the moment.

8 Workbooks for self-reflection and study between coaching sessions.

⫸ Meditations for deeper reflection.

Chat support through the entire coaching process*, for questions, brief interventions & to celebrate your successes.

⫸ 30-minute wrap-up call to reflect on your journey, 2 weeks after the last coaching session.

a companion and friend who will provide advice and support along your journey and help you overcome the hurdles on your way back to you


= 795 €**

There is only 1 place available per month: currently 1 place available

* Mon-Fri 09:00-17:00 CEST, responses within 24h, voice messages no longer than 2 minutes.

** Individual installment plans possible!

Your path to your most authentic self

In our sessions we will work together on your inner clarity.

You will

⫸ recognize your values, needs and desires

⫸ repack your resource backpack

⫸ develop a clear vision for your life

⫸ assemble your team of helpful companions, and

⫸ abandon old thought paths to pursue new pathways of thought.

The self-awareness and self-confidence you gain in the process will help you find your life path and follow it with confidence.

It's time to focus on your needs and dreams. Let's go on this beautiful and intimate journey together. I am here to support you on your path, to encourage and inspire you.



Before the journey really starts, it is important to see where you are right now and where you would like to go. Module 1 is the starting point of your journey. The point you will look back on in 12 weeks and realize how far you have come.

Together we take an intensive look at the map of your personality, discuss what is visible on it and define your desired goal.

A look into the future: After DiscoverMe... have a strong and clear picture of who you are and what you want in life. can live your unique values and potentials - in everyday life and at work. know how to deal with mental blockages. can make powerful decisions in line with your values and your vision. can clearly distinguish between yourself and the opinions of others and do your own thing.

What my client says about DiscoverMe

"Before I started DiscoverMe, I felt like I didn't feel at home no matter where I was. I was dissatisfied with how I was living my life and my relationships. With myself and with others. I had the feeling of being lost.


During and after the coaching I can say that I gained understanding and confidence. The resource backpack showed me once again how much I have already achieved and what abilities I have in me that I had forgotten or could not appreciate.


I find that the accompanying tools such as workbook and meditations supported me even more and with how much love they were created. I have always looked forward to what comes next in the workbook, because it has so often helped me to understand myself better. The workbook is really structured like a journey and for me it was so beautiful to see the path I have traveled in that time. It's like going from the valley up to the mountain and then turning around and seeing how far you've come in those 12 weeks. The different meditations really made me realize where I want to go and what is allowed to change now.

I have always felt well taken care of and seen by Sonja. She has addressed all the life situations that have occupied me during the week, without making me feel it was unrelavant or that I had to hurry. Sonja always made me feel comfortable and at ease. I could check in with Sonja at any time and any issues I had were seen and appreciated. Even if I sometimes had the feeling that I was not getting anywhere, Sonja helped me to look a little closer.

I can recommend DiscoverMe to anyone who is currently dissatisfied with themselves or their circumstances and would like to understand themselves more again."

16964070366097005204099200942739 - Saskia Ta_edited.jpg

Saskia, 30

Frequently asked questions

How much time should I schedule per week for the program?

You should plan about 2.5 - 3 hours per week for DiscoverMe. The 1:1 coaching session takes about 75-90 minutes. For the meditations and tasks in the workbook you should plan another 1 - 1.5 hours.


How long do I have access to the content?

You get lifelong access to all contents. You can easily download the workbook and the meditations and repeat them at any time.


Is it possible to pay in installments?

Yes, if you want to pay in installments, just talk to me in our  first call and we will develop an individual payment plan for you.


You want to take a trial trip with me first?

Book a 60-minute Power Hour to experience my coaching style live and first-hand. If you decide to book DiscoverMe afterwards, you will get the cost of the Power Hour credited to the price of DiscoverMe.

Thank you Sonja for the wonderful coaching with you!
Before the coaching I was mentally stuck in some loops and thanks to you, I was able to broaden my view and thus found answers. Since our coaching I am much clearer about myself and at the same time more confident in the decisions I have to make.

For all those who are looking for an empathetic and qualified coach, I can absolutely recommend Sonja! From the beginning, thanks to Sonja's style, I was able to open up and felt understood by her.

- Sabine

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