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Break the Mold: The Unexpected Journey of Your 30s

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

Welcome to the grand stage of life, where society has a script for every act, especially when you hit the big 30. As a woman, you're supposed to have it all figured out – the dream job, the perfect relationship, and perhaps a white picket fence in the background. But let's break free from the preconceived notions and embrace the beautifully chaotic reality that is your 30s.


The Great Expectations

The curtain of your 30s rises, and society graciously provides you with a checklist that will make your show a success: career stability, the perfect relationship, a house with a white picket fence, and let's not forget the two kids and the dog. But let's be real – who wrote this script, and where did they get their ideas?

Life in your 30s is not like a classic Greek drama structured in 5 acts where each part is clearly written and predictable. It is more like a Netflix series; unpredictable, full of plot twists, and definitely not for the faint-hearted. The truth never comes easy, I know.

But now that we got that part straight, grab a seat, and let's have a little chat about what life should (and shouldn't) look like in your 30s.

Career Catapult or Rollercoaster?

And what's your career, my dear? Does it meet societal expectations: being a high-flying career guru, climbing the corporate ladder with ninja-like precision?

two woman at a job interview smiling and shaking hands

No? Don't worry, that's perfectly okay. Statistics show that most people in their 30s change their job at least once and the average age for changing and pursuing a different career is 39 - so you're totally fine! Also interesting but not even that surprising, if you think of it, is that it's more women than men switching jobs.

Because reality is: Some of us are still figuring our careers out. Your 30s are not a deadline; they're a journey. Maybe you're launching your own business, hopping from passion to passion, starting to study, or taking a sabbatical to find your true calling. Your career path is a reflection of you, not societal expectations.

So embrace the detours and scenic routes – you might even discover a hidden passion or two that you didn't know of yet.

Love and Leftovers

Society whispers in your ear that your 30s are the last call for the romance train, and the clock is ticking. By 30, you're supposed to have found your soulmate, tied the knot, and started a family. In China, they call unmarried women in their late 20s and beyond "Sheng nu" which means "leftover woman". I think there is nothing to add to this.

But guess what? Love doesn't operate on a specific timeline and it definitely doesn't have an expiration date. Whether you're single, coupled, married, divorced, or still figuring it out, your relationship status doesn't define the quality and success of your life or your worth.

White Picket Fence or Nomadic Adventures?

Two pictures both with the title Home. On the left a smiling woman with a key in her hand in front of a house; on the right a woman standing in a camper van handing a man a drink who sits in front of the camper.

Are you dreaming of a house with a white picket fence? Great! Prefer a shared apartment with your bestie in the heart of the city, a multigenerational home with your family, or living in a camper van making the world your home? Perfect!

Let's get rid of this society-conforming housing narrative. Your home is your sanctuary, whether it's a temporary stop on your adventure or a permanent nest - you decide! Home is what you define it as.

Decoding the Mythical Biological Clock

"You gotta get going, your biological clock is ticking!" Ever heard that one?

Well, spoiler alert: your biological clock is not a bomb about to detonate.

We live in a time with the highest level of medical care and there are ways to get pregnant later, such as egg freezing. Or perhaps you don't even want children of your own and would rather adopt or foster one.

Whether you're planning to have kids, already have a cute mini-me running around, or are happily child-free, the decision is entirely yours. Your worth isn't measured by the pitter-patter of little feet nor does it make you more or less of a woman.

Live a Little: Embracing Spontaneity and Adventures

In your 30s, life is less about following a rigid plan and more about embracing the unexpected. You're most likely closer to your birth date than to your maximum age, so why stress out, when you still have so much time in front of you!

Be open to spontaneity, say yes to big and small adventures, and let yourself grow through the twists and turns. The beauty of this decade lies in the freedom to explore, discover, follow your own path, and redefine what brings you joy.

There is no One-Size-Fits-All Life at 30

You see, your life and your timeline are as unique as your fingerprint. What makes one person happy and fulfilled doesn't necessarily do the same for another. So stop playing in a show that doesn't match your character!

Alright, gorgeous, it's your turn! What's your take on life in your 30s? Have you embraced the unexpected, defied societal norms, or are you navigating your own unique journey? Share your thoughts in the comments below, and let's continue this conversation. Life is too short for one-size-fits-all, so let's celebrate the diverse and extraordinary paths we're all carving out in our 30s!

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