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Sonja Weikhart im Portrai lächelnd vor einer bunden Wand

Life Coaching online and from anywhere
Your way to a fulfilled life

Embark on the adventure of a lifetime, create the life you want and discover a new quality of life!


You want to

⫸ unfold the map of your personality and go new ways?
clarity about your life path and realign your inner compass?
⫸ break through old thinking patterns and walk your path with confidence?
⫸ gain inner freedom and strengthen your self-confidence?
⫸ increase your quality of life and realize your life vision?

Then you've come to the right place!


What I learned from 10 years of intensive personal development


It takes more than just courage to create a fulfilling life for yourself

Courage is super important to get going, but what matters most along the way is patience, resilience, and a really strong mindset.

Why? Because there will always be hurdles and mindfucks in your way that you didn't expect and that will make you doubt your plans.

Not making a decision is also a decision

Life works the same for all of us. You are born, you live and you leave this world again. You cannot influence where and into which circumstances you are born, but you can shape your life through conscious and clear decisions.

If you do not make an active decision, you give the steering wheel for your life out of your hand and make your way dependent on the ideas and ideals of others.

You already carry everything you need within you

Yes, you read that right. It may not feel like it right now because you've been taught that you have to conform to a certain standard in order to be a good and valuable person, but that's not true.

The truth is: you came into this world as a good and valuable person, and everything you've experienced along your life's journey so far has contributed to your uniqueness and growth. 

You just have to become aware of it again. Because if you trust in yourself, your abilities and your intuition, you can create a unique and fulfilling life for yourself.

I am happy to help you with that!


Hi, I'm Sonja

Life, mindset and transformation coach for women on the path to a fulfilling life in their 30s.

A life that corresponds to your true timeline and not the one that society says you should have. 

Because only you know what makes you happy!

With my work I support you to find out who you really are, to find your life vision and to confidently walk the path that makes your dreams come true.


Responsible Coaching

Through my intensive 2-year of coaching certification, I am very aware of the impact, but also of the limitations of my work.

Responsible coaching means offering you a safe space where you can share all your thoughts and feelings without shame or fear of judgment.

Your uniqueness and your very individual life path are the focus of my work. Because you are the expert of your life!

Through your coaching journey with me you will
⫸ strengthen your connection with yourself & your intuition.
⫸ learn to understand and regulate your thoughts & feelings.
⫸ become aware of your visions & goals for your life.
⫸ find out what you need to create a fulfilled life.


*Disclaimer: Coaching is not therapy and cannot heal mental illness or trauma. Should we realize during the coaching that you need more than I can give you, I will of course be happy to help you find the support that is right for you.


My coaching offer for you

Depending on where you are on your life journey right now and what kind of person you are, you will need a different type of support.

Due to flexibility and appreciation for your time, I offer all coachings and programs digitally via Zoom.

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1:1 Coaching

Your intense personalized 1:1 coaching where you work on your most important life topics. Choose from 3 different options reaching from single sessions to individually created long term mentoring.

Sonja Weikhart (11)_edited.jpg


Embark on a 12-week journey back to the person you really are at heart. Together we will unfold your life map, repack your backpack of resources & strengthen your mindset for your future journey through life.



In 60-90 minutes, we quickly and effectively uncover your mental blocks, put your topic into an impactful new framework, and break through your inner blockages.


Free first call

Before we work together I would like to get to know you and your situation a little better. On the one hand to see if I am really the right coach for you and my offers really fit you and of course to clarify all your questions and wishes.

The whole process is of course completely free of charge and without obligation.

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