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Sonja Weikhart steht in der Natur mit Holy Farben im Gesicht und grinst, während sie mit mehr Farbe beworfen wird

Live free, courageous & self-empowered

In my 1:1 coachings I support you to create a life in tune with your needs and your own timeline

Sonja Weikhart blickt über ihre Schulter in die Kamera vor einem Gang voller Graffiti


There it is that annoying ticking sound! A few years ago it wasn't there at all, but now at 30 it's almost deafeningly loud. tick...tack...tick...tack....

It's your inner clock telling you that it's time to grow up and get serious about life. After all, there are important decisions to be made.

How do I want to live my life? Do I want to stay with this person forever? Do I want to get married? Have children? A house?


Would I rather stay in a secure job and prepare for retirement provision or realize my own dreams? And what do I do with my dream of a trip around the world

You can't decide? Let me tell you: You're not alone in this and it's perfectly normal to feel overwhelmed!

I, too, was at this crossroad of life at that time. Let me help you lift the fog and get clarity about your further path in life.

In your 30s you should yourself.
...set clear boundaries.
...plan your next adventure.
...dream big.
...ride the wav
es of life.

...enjoy life to it's fullest.

In your 30s you should NOT yourself to others your age.
...feel ashamed of your timeline.
...keep yourself small. stuck & dissatisfied.
...listen to others expectations of you.

...hold yourself back.

Want to make a change, but don't know where to start?

Sounds familiar?

⫸ You're tired of constantly questioning your life because it doesn't look the same as the one of your friends in their 30s.
⫸ You compare yourself to others and have the feeling that you are lagging behind.
⫸ "I don't know" and "I can't do this" are your answers to your life questions.

⫸ You are uncertain and it is difficult for you to decide.
⫸ You want to find out who you really are and why you feel the way you do.
⫸ You want to learn tools that support you in building your life on your own terms.

Sonja Weikhart sitzt zufrieden nachdenklich im halben Schneidersitz barfuß auf einem Sofa
Sonja Weikhart tritt vorsichtig aus einem Käfig heraus

I know how you feel, because I've been that woman too.

At 29, I clearly felt that something was wrong. I wasn't enjoying my profession as a teacher anymore, I had been single for 6+ years with no prospect of a relationship, and I had the feeling that I had missed the chance to build a successful life. Midlife Crises? Is it you?


I felt stuck and didn't know what to do.

That year I discovered Life Coaching and it changed everything for me.

I turned from an insecure and struggling 29-year-old to a confident independent 32-year-old with a dream job, an amazing relationship, and clarity about her life vision who is following her own timeline.

From this, my mission was born to help as many women as possible break free from the cage of society's expectations to follow their own authentic path, by sharing my knowledge and tools with them.

One Step at a Time

Create a life that excites you
- one step at a time

All 1:1 coaching programs are tailored specifically for you and your needs. They are not a quick fix, but a deep dive into your true self. What makes you really happy and where do you want to go in life? 

Together we explore your vision of a fulfilled life. We find out what behaviors support you in living the lifestyle you want and how you can make lasting changes in your thoughts and feelings to get you to where you want to be.

You will not only get support, accountability, and clarity but also strategies and methods that you can repeatedly use in your life long after the coaching program is over.

So you will never sit around not knowing what to do and waiting for your life to magically change or for someone else to save you.

Sonja Weikhart lacht und durch die Drehung ihres Kopfes entsteht eine Wolke aus Holyfarben um ihren Kopf

Let's change your life together

Your life is so unique, so why shouldn't your coaching program not be just as unique? All my coaching programs are 100% tailored to your needs. You decide what area of life and topic you want to focus on. There is no restriction on the topics you want to focus on.


Stop doing what others want! Want to turn your life upside down and finally do what you love?

With (R)evolution this is now possible.

You choose 1-2 areas of your life that you want to change fundamentally over the next 3 months.

Together, we will eliminate blocks and develop strong individual strategies for your specific areas of life. Ensuring that nothing stands in the way of your new beginning.

What is included?

3 months of coaching via Zoom

12 x 60 min 1:1 coaching sessions

⫸ Individual follow-up tasks

Chat support* for questions, short interventions & to celebrate your successes

⫸ 30-minute wrap-up call 2 weeks after the last coaching session

Power Hour

Soul Spark

This should be the best time of your life, but you just cannot enjoy it. 

Everything feels wrong, not like you - not like what you want.

With Soul Spark, we will find out what you are missing and re-ignite your zest and passion for life.

What is included?

1 month of coaching via Zoom

4 x 60 min 1:1 coaching sessions

⫸ Individual follow-up tasks

Chat support* for questions, short interventions & to celebrate your successes


Power Hour


Actually, everything is going quite well, but there's this one little thing - a thought or a situation - that keeps getting you stuck.

In Power Hour, we break this blockage so you can quickly regain your strength and carry on your path.

What is included?

Individual session via Zoom

1x 60 min 1:1 coaching session

*Mo-Fr 09.00-17.00 CEST Replies within 24h. Voice mails no longer than 2 minutes.

** individual installment plan possible!

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Popular topics of former clients

Finding clarity about your life vision

Changing career

Living by your own timeline

Dating in your 30s

Boosting your self-confidence

Understanding your thoughts and feelings

Who am I when the masks come off

Sonja Weikhart sitzt mit einer Tasse Kaffee lächelnd am Boden vor einem aufgeklappten Laptop

Free first call

You have questions, thoughts and wishes and want to know if I am really the right coach for you and if my offers really fit you?

Then book a short get-to-know-you call with me right here. It takes place via Zoom and you can ask me all your questions that are still burning on your mind.

The call is, of course, completely free of charge and without obligation.

I find your way of coaching very appealing and at eye level. I felt that my concerns were taken seriously and that your questions encouraged me to think constructively. You showed me new ways of looking at my problem and, through your supportive manner, gave me the feeling that the solution was within me, without pretending or trying to talk me into something.

I recommend you from the bottom of my heart!​​

- Katrin

What my clients say

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